The Finalists

Better Visibility Award

Hödlmayr – ETA – estimated time of arrival for Direct Dealer Distribution

Wega A – Bond: innovative tool to increase efficiency of OEM stock and shipments

Daimler – Rekla@Tablet for logistical errors and claims tracking

FVL Innovation Award

Proact International and Bentley – Global finished vehicle automation with Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors and Degould – Degould innovative engineering for vehicle image process at end of production

CFR Rinkens – Vehicle containerisation with racking system

Fracht – The European Logistics Alliance powered by ALCS

Greener Supply Chain Award

Orbis Corporation – Orbis Europe GitterPak

Wallenius Wilhelmsen – Wallenius Wilhelmsen partnership with ship recycling transparency initiative

Kar-Tainer International – SKD System: Going Green while Cutting Costs

IT Innovation Award

SEAT – Holistic Internet of Things vehicle distribution system

Sevatas – DVM mobile app with Degould for dealer vehicle damage reporting

T-Systems International – Logistics 4.0 for finished vehicle distribution together with Volkswagen Group, BLG and Inform

Logistics’ Got Talent Award

Gefco – Gefco University, global digital employee training programme

National Vehicle Distribution – NVD improved driver recruitment, training, health and safety initiative

MANVESTA – MANVESTA Drivers’ Academy for vehicle logistics carriers

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Packaging Innovation Award

Opel/Vauxhall and 4flow – Container management for aftersales

Ford Motor – ECO-Friendly Recyclable ‘Chocolate Box’ Packaging Solution

Audi – Sustainable rack for sea transport of car bodies

Supply Chain Disruptor Award

Proglove – Smart glove industrial wearable solution

Easy4Pro – Online platform for urgent, spot shipments

Degould – Auto-imaging system with Vector Mapping app

Supply Chain Design & Engineering Award

FCA Tofas – Steel roll supply optimisation

PSA Group – From Supply Chain ‘Player’ to ‘Orchestra leader’ – S&OP process

FCA Tofas – Plant layout optimisation

FCA Tofas – Tofas logistics costs calculation software

Supply Chain Partnership Award

T-Systems international – Logistics 4.0 for finished vehicle distribution together with Volkswagen Group, BLG and Inform

Gefco – Vehicle dismantling project or vehicle exports to Malaysia

TNT – Improving inbound supply chain performance with OEM customers

Transport Innovation Award

CFR Rinkens – Vehicle containerisation with racking system

FCA Tofas – Local inhouse material transportation management

Unikai Lagerei – Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) heat treatment for car exports